Written by: Unovis

Food From Thought: August 2021

New attention on alternative proteins, portfolio news, and more.

Unusual times sometimes offer up unusual new opportunities.

Case in point: Skyrocketing chicken prices as a result of supply chain limitations exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic are shining a light on alternatives, a moment that Alpha Foods jumped on this week by cutting prices on its plant-based nuggets. Will the move lure in meat eaters? It might, but it also highlights the very real potential for savings associated with alternative proteins.

Another example: Fast food chain Subway received some unwanted attention last month when rumors began circulating that its tuna salad did not actually contain any tuna DNA. (What actually it did contain was left up to the imagination.) The company later came out and certified that its tuna was, in fact, tuna, but not before plant-based seafood maker Good Catch took the opportunity to park its food truck in front of a Subway location in Midtown Manhattan, passing out free subs made with its fish-free alternative.

Gimmicky? Maybe, but these episodes and more point to the many different ways that consumers are finding their way to alternative proteins. For some its cost savings. For others, quality. And for others, sustainability is the focus. Whatever the reason, plant-based producers are getting better and better at communicating their advantages to the world at large. And shoppers are paying attention.

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