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Food From Thought: July 2021

Why consumers try plant-based products, portfolio news, and more.

If we’ve learned anything about alternative proteins and consumer adoption, it’s the fact that taste alone won’t persuade shoppers to swap out beef for plant-based burgers. And we have proof. Last month a new study was released finding that not only is flavor not a determining factor when choosing plant-based options, but health appeals don’t work either.

What does? Appealing to consumers by highlighting the social and environmental costs of traditional meat consumption. Good for animal welfare. Good for the planet. Good for humanity. These are the messages that mainstream buyers respond to when considering alternative proteins of all types.

It’s an interesting take and is worth reading the full report, but the big takeaway is that, although taste can’t be entirely overlooked, buyers are considering different factors when picking up plant-based products. And sustainability is where the industry’s marketing is headed.

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