Written by: Unovis

Food from Thought: June 2021

On taste vs. sustainability, portfolio news and more.

“Consumers are more likely to choose a plant-based meat substitute when the restaurant’s advertising highlights the social benefits of doing so rather than its taste, according to recently published research I conducted with a colleague. We also found that showcasing the social costs of meat consumption also leads to a preference for plant-based meats.” — Prof. Prof. Anna Mattila, Penn State

Another month, another study showing that appealing to consumers’ social conscience might be the most important part of successful plant-based marketing. Taste absolutely matters but it doesn’t have to be better than or the same as the animal counterpart.

What can we learn from this? We already know that industrial meat production is an environmental disaster, with beef in particular generating 60 kg of greenhouse gas emissions per kg of meat produced, not to mention the water, energy and land that go into the process. The industry know this, we all talk about it, now we know that consumers are listening. They care too, and are making informed decisions about alternative proteins based on what they’re hearing from a sustainability standpoint. That’s a message worth sharing.

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Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins Summit: June 22-23. A new event dedicated to alternative proteins, the virtual Future Food-Tech will bring together food brand executives, investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to map out the future of protein. Senior Associate Kristen Rocca will be moderating a panel on Venture Capital and the Future of Protein.