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Unovis is ‘Food From Thought’

We invest in successful entrepreneurs driving innovation throughout the food system.

Unovis Asset Management is the global leader in the alternative protein sector. Our investment firm partners with entrepreneurs developing innovative plant-based and cultivated replacements to animal products, including meat, seafood, dairy, and eggs.

Through our inaugural and world-renowned fund, New Crop Capital Trust, and now The Alternative Protein Fund, our goal is to transform the global food system by investing in solutions that facilitate sustained behavioural change and eliminate the consumption of animal protein products.

Our Strategy

We provide seed to growth funding to entrepreneurs developing plant, fungi, fermented, and cultivated replacements to animal products. We support our founders by sharing our culinary knowledge, understanding of consumer habits, experience in food manufacturing, and global network to catalyze investments and build lasting companies.

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Our Food PACT

We measure the potential success of our investments against four key tenets, which we call our ‘Food PACT’:

Price: While early adopters are usually willing to pay a premium, we need to know that the product can meet mainstream retail price points once at scale. We help start-ups find a path toward scale, and we utilize our strategic partners and co-investors to influence this process.

Awareness: Grocery store shelves and foodservice menus are crowded, competitive spaces, as is the share of stomach. Our companies have to be able to break through the noise and tell a compelling story to connect with consumers. Awareness needs to drive demand which pulls products into the marketplace. Early adopters are fairly easy to reach but rarely will they comprise more than 1% of the population.

Convenience: As humans, we buy and eat food in all kinds of settings, from airplanes and Michelin-rated restaurants to school cafeterias and local markets. We seek products that can be distributed timely and broadly to support sustained changes in consumer demand. Simply put, if products are not readily available, short-term needs will be filled by alternatives. Convenience is key.

Taste: While we list taste last, it’s actually the most important consideration. If taste needs are not met, the rest of the equation is meaningless. We invest in companies that aspire to develop products which will ultimately taste better than the animal equivalents the seek to replace.

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